6th All-Russian conference survey organizations

Dear Colleagues,

     We invite you to take part in the VI Annual All-Russian scientific -practical conference “Perspectives of Engineering in construction in the Russian Federation”, which will take place on 16-17 December 2010 in Moscow.

     The conference traditionally brings together nearly a thousand participants from all regions of Russia and CIS countries. The speakers at the plenary session, which takes place on the first day of the conference, are the well-known politicians and economists , the authors of the laws governing prospecting activities in the country, representatives of the relevant departments of the oil and gas companies, heads of ministries and departments, as well as leading industry experts.

     During the second day of work is being done in several areas: geological engineering, engineering, environmental studies, engineering and geodetic surveys, geophysical methods in engineering surveying, geotechnical software construction in permafrost, hydrogeological studies in the geotechnical and environmental engineering surveys, etc.

     Applications for participation in the conference are accepted until December 10, 2010. To apply, please visit organizers