EM induction tools and electrical exploration systems:



EM profiler Geovizer
1-channel ERT and IP instrument SibER-48
Geovizer Siber-48
Multi-frequency EM profiler AEMP-14
16-channel ERT and IP instrument SibER-64
AEMP-14 Siber-64




Geophysical survey:


We offer our services to organize and conduct field works using different geophysical methods, to process and interpret data.
Our experts have extensive experience in performing a wide range of geophysical problems, including composition of several methods – electrical (Electromagnetic Frequency Induction Sounding – EMF-IS, vertical electrical sounding – VES, dipole electrical sounding – ECD, VC, 2D and 3D imaging), seismic and magnetic exploration.


Scope of applications:


• Archaeological survey;
• UXO determination;
• Subsurface tunnels and empties investigations;
• Quantitative assessment of water saturation of the ground;
• Assessment of HC waste in the ground;
• Searching both fresh and salty water source;
• Subsurface buildings condition control;
• Searching and localization of burial place of industrial waste;
• Source and volumes of water leakage in water supply and heating system;
• Source and volumes of fuel/oil leakage in subsurface fuel tanks/pipelines;
• Definition of places of a lining of metal pipes and cables;
• Detail exploration of ore bodies;
• Environmental monitoring of dumping liquid mineralized waste.