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Frozen mounds in Gorny Altai: geophysical and geochemical studies


SibER-48 survey example

SibER-48 survey example

R&D report 2010 – ENG

R&D report 2010 - geophysical

EMF-IS “Nemfis” (marketing material) – ENG


Complex survey with EMF-IS Nemfis and electrotomography – RUS

Complex survey with EMF-IS Nemfis and electrotomography

Examples of geophysical surviving using the EMF-IS “Nemfis” electroprospecting complex “Siber” – RUS

Examples of geophysical surviving

Electroprospecting complex “Siber”(marketing material) – RUS


Brief report on the works of localization of utilities – RUS

Brief report

Report on archaeological survey – RUS

Report on archaeological survey

Instruction manual (EmsControl) – ENG

Instruction manual (EmsControl)

Technical documentation – ENG

Technical documentation

Controlling of EMF-IS Nemfis from a PPC – RUS

PPS Vs Nemfis

“EMF-IS Nemfis” – RUS

EMF-IS Nemfis

Compare table of non-contact searching equipment characteristics: metal detectors, magnetometers, anomaly detectors, EMI methods, Nemfis and GPR – ENG