Our specialists conduct comprehensive geophysical survey methods:
electrical exploration (frequency electromagnetic sounding – EMF-IS, vertical electrical sounding – VES, dipole electrical sounding – ECD, elektrotomography 2D and 3D imaging), seismic and magnetic prospecting.

The problem is solved by our team of experts:

– Preparation of construction sites – the localization of debris, condition monitoring environment;
– Geological engineering;
– Archaeological research;
– Localization of accidents utilities Utilities (place cut);
– Investigation of the soil;
– Monitoring the level of water pollution;
– And other work related to the geophysical environment.

Our company conjunction with the Russian Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics, and other institutions – has been developing guidelines for the various tasks using an electropros. As part of the effective implementation of the method – organized outreach seminars and workshops on topics of electromagnetic scanning of the soil in different areas.

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