“AEMP-14” / EMF-IS “Nemfis”

Name Version Release date Download
ISystem 3.3 02.02.2011
EmsControl 1.01 24.02.2011
EmsControl Pro 23.08.2011
EmsControl WM6 23.08.2011
EmsControl VGA WM6.5.3 02.2014
EmsControl WVGA WM6.5.3 02.2014


ISystem – allows to download recorded measurement, store, convert the data, prepare them for visualisation in Surfer and Voxler 3D of Golden Software or Microsoft Excel.

You must delete old version of software before installing new one.

EmsControl – is developed for a platform of the pocket computers (handheld computer, PDA) andintended for control of various operating modes of a hardware complex of frequency electromagneticinduction sounding NEMFIS, sounding data processing in a real time mode and a conclusion of resultsread in a user-friendly graphic kind. The software is tested on platforms PocketPC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0. Data transmission between a PDA computer, equipment NEMFIS and GPS goes by Bluetooth. With newer version of the program it is possible to operate NEMFIS by any smartphones based on Windows Mobile with specified bluetooth stack.



Name Version Release date Download
SibER Tools (Siber-48) 1.0 01.03.2013
“RiPPP” Ver 1.11 18.09.2014


“I-Emu” Ver 7.0 19.09.2014


RiPPP is intended for resistivity and IP data preliminary processing. RiPPP allows
to view, to link, to filter the data and to export preliminary processing results
to other formats.


SibER Tools is intended to create and edit files with descriptions of the arrays and data preprocessing of filtration, build and export to common formats (IPI2Win, Res2dInv, Res3dInv). The program allows you to create sequences for ERT measurements and traditional four-electrode sounding with linear or geometric step spacing.

I-Emu is emulation software of SibER-64 interface with possibility of creating sequencies.