Warranty Policy

What covered by the warranty:
Product defect caused by the fault of the manufacturer, caused by the use of substandard materials in the production or impaired production technology and manifested during the warranty period of the operation of the Goods.
During the warranty period, the owner may require the elimination of defects in the product at no charge, including the necessary work on the assembly/disassembly of the product.

What is not covered by warranty (not a malfunction)
– normal wear and tear;
– improper operation;
– damage as a result of mechanical, chemical or other effects;
– mismatch expectations owner in the absence of fault;
– any other consequential expenses arising out of or by reason of the presence of defects in the goods.

Owner Responsibility:

In the event of failure/defect is detected in the product, you must contact the Customer Service Center, who conducted the sale of the goods. Shipping costs for warranty repair service center and back to the owner at the expense of the owner. Term of the goods on the service under the warranty does not include the time spent on sending to the service center and back to the owner.

At the time of treatment must be given proof of date of purchase.

Accurate information on the warranty period and warranty for a specific product is indicated in the contract for the supply and shall prevail.