“Russian priorities”

Company “Mikhailov and Partners” graciously invited us to participate in the exhibition “Russian priorities. Russian inventors changed the world” is a unique project dedicated to the outstanding Russian scientists, engineers and designers.
Their inventions have transformed the reality, but in many cases the authorship was undeservedly forgotten. The exhibition introduces the unknown and amazing stories of inventions known to everyone.
Priority – the key concept of the project. Priority as the lead in scientific discovery. Priority direction as having priority for the country. Priority as the world leader in innovation.
In Russia at all times worked talents, but the state does not always paid tribute to their merits. Political and economic realities were such that the names of many ingenious inventors erased from people’s memory. The formal procedure for the award of authorship often absent. For these reasons, the right to the scientific superiority to many inventions falsely attributed to less capable but more agile colleagues from Europe and America.
Today, the government, civil society and academia have a chance to change that. Elected course on innovation and the scientists are opportunities for the development and recognition: create innovation centers and competitions in the field of science and technology, provides grants. The society is growing awareness of the importance of the role of creators, engineers, inventors, growing interest in the field of innovation. The new generation is based on the experience of its predecessors – it’s the natural movement of scientific and technical progress. That is why the project “Russian priorities” is not only about the past but about the present and the future. Connection times and continuity of Russian scientific tradition – his main idea.
Showcase of the project “Russian priorities. Russian inventors changed the world”, launched in the four halls of the Museum – is unprecedented 40 scientific discoveries. 40 stories about the success or drama innovator. 40 were ahead of time of things from the past that changed the future.
Why 40? This is not a fad and not a tribute to numerology. At the first stage, the organizers of the exhibition stopped on the most striking examples of Russian technical thought on things, on the one hand, the obvious, the other – undeservedly forgotten, and even deliberately hushed up. But inventions that have “Russian citizenship”, hundreds and thousands: the show contains only a small proportion of them.
Showcase of – a kind of “pre-exhibition”, the forerunner of this great exposure, which will contain a much more detailed account of scientific enlightenment, happiness and tragedy of the pioneers of Russian technical geniuses. In the future, the exhibition “Russian priorities” will travel around the country and will be presented to key innovative and scientific forums.

This original announcement of the project is to become not only a platform to showcase inventions of the past, but also a center of communication of young inventors. It is possible that tomorrow their names stand on a par with the Grand National, which is dedicated to the project “Russian priorities. Russian inventors changed the world.”
Organizers of the project:
Communication agency “RIM Porter Novelli”
The company “Mikhailov and Partners”