Frequency domain electromagnetic induction profiler AEMP-14 (Nemfis)

AEMP 14 – final version of three-coil induction system for profiling on 14 frequencies (range – from 2.5 to 250 kHz).

Sounding with alternating electromagnetic fields has gained a growing attention and a broad usage during the last three decades, including Frequency Domain Electromagnetic Induction (FD-EMI) sounding methods.


  • Advanced cone connection, providing an accurate and reliable landing of the antenna unit;
  • Optimized calibration, providing profiling at 14 frequencies;
  • Simplified control software — visualizations of maps, as well as profile curves;

  • Compatible with any Android device

Main purposes

  • Agronomy
    Evaluation of the mineral fertilizers concentration
    Soil fertility assessment
    Seasonal monitoring of changes in soil conditions
    Investigation of soil condition, determination of fracture zones, watering
  • Utilities
    Monitoring of underground communications
    Search and localization of underground pipeline leakage
    Underground utilities mapping
  • Civil Engineering
    near surface geological surveys
    hydrological surveys
    environmental survey
  • Archeology
    Localization of archaeological sites
    Monitoring the condition of buried architectural monuments
    Detailed study of archaeological objects
  • Ecology
  • Agroecology
    Analysis of the influence of man-made factors
    Environmental supervision
    Monitoring of potentially hazardous objects
    Environmental risk management
    Environmental assessment of soil contamination by fuels and lubricants
    Detection and localization of industrial waste dumps of any chemical composition
  • Security
    Search for criminal caches, tunnels
    Detection of tie-ins into pipelines
    Search for the source of leakage and estimate the amount of leakage from petroleum products pipelines

Technical specifications

  • Frequency range: 2.5-250 kHz;
  • Transmitter power (impulse): 90 W;
  • Receiver sensitivity: 1 mV;
  • Scan time for a single point at 14 freqs: 2 sec (or any set from 1-14 deferent frequencies);
  • Noise level: 50 nV;
  • Dimensions: 275х30х10 cm
  • Battery operation time: 12 hours;
  • Weight: 9 kg.

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AEMP-14 Set


Technical documentation AEMP-14 04.2018

Software for AEMP-14 data collection and visualisation QZond 4.7 (Android)

Software for *.qz data process and visualize – iiSystem 4.05 (Windows PC)

Software for *.ems data process «ISystem» (Windows PC)

Instruction manual for AEMP-14 (EMSControl)

«EmsControl» for PocketPC – (Windows Embedded)

«EmsControl» for PocketPC – (VGA Windows Mobile 6.5.3)

«EmsControl» for PocketPC – (WVGA Windows Mobile 6.5.3)