Multi-array ground radio imaging system GRT-XX

The Scanner is a modular system consisting of the unit of HF pulses formation and receiving based on chirp generator and the antenna array unit. In addition to chirp HF pulses transmitter and the antenna modules, the Scanner also includes the navigator unit and the control computer.

Antenna array construction is module-based. Each module consists of four receiving and four transmitting antennas for 0.5 to 3 GHz band. The antenna modules can be cascaded together in a strip in order to expand the width of coverage or as a cross for two orthogonal polarizations sounding


  • High dynamic range antennas array
  • Custom calibration procedure with hardware-dependent function
  • Simplified functional of the control program – visualizations of maps, as well as profile curves
  • Easy to use for controlling and data interpretation
  • Open format for custom integration
  • Cascade expansion for scanning width from 0.55m to 2.35m for GRT-3X and 1,1m to 4,4m for GRT-1X
  • Full covering of scanning width with 7.5cm for GRT-3X and 15cm for GRT-1X resolution (no “dead zones” at all)
  • Scanning on speed up to 160 km/h
  • Fully compatible with software for packet post procession and interpretation – GeoReader (LLC «Technology Information Modeling»)

Main purposes

Roads, railways, aerodromes

  • Determination of the pavement thickness, railway embankment, runway elements, aerodrome steering tracks;
  • Determination of the roof geometry of the natural base and ballast;
  • Conformity control of the structure of pavement, railway embankment, runway design documentation strips;
  • Identification of loose and flooded areas;
  • Study of the features of reinforcing concrete slabs;
  • Study of engineering and geological conditions of areas subject to deformation;
  • Study of the engineering and geological situation of the territories adjacent to airfields.

Utility detection

  • Monitoring the status of underground utilities
  • Search and localization of sources of water leakage in underground pipelines;
  • Determining the location of underground utilities, structures, etc;
  • Mapping of underground utilities.

Civil engineering

  • Determination of underground objects, cables, sewer and drain networks position;
  • Search and localization of various defects in wooden, brick, reinforced concrete building structures;
  • Clarification of engineering-geological and hydrogeological conditions of construction sites;
  • Detection of fittings, hidden wiring, utilities;
  • Search for hidden defects in the walls of engineering structures, mines, tunnels, in supports and ceilings;


  • Localization and analysis of archaeological objects — burials, artefacts, household items;
  • Mapping of ancient structures — identifying the location of the foundation and walls of destroyed buildings;
  • Determination of the thickness of the cultural layer;
  • Monitoring the status of architectural monuments hidden under the ground;
  • A detailed study of archaeological sites.


  • Search for criminal burials, fire-arm caches, explosives, people caught in avalanche.
  • Identification of unauthorised tie-ins into trunk pipelines;


  • Archaeology;
  • Agronomy;
  • Ecology;
  • Geophysics;
  • Hydrogeology;
  • Palaeontology;
  • etc.

Technical specifications

  • Frequency range GRT-3X 0.5-3 GHz / GRT-1X 0.2-1.2 GHz
  • Radiating power at transceiver output, at least up to 50 mW
  • Number of antennas in transceiver modules 8-16-24-32
  • Samples per trace 512/1024/+ (hardware & software interpolation)
  • Antenna type synthetic aperture array from combined antenna elements
  • Maximum sounding depth up to 3 m for GRT-3X and up to 8m for GRT-1X
  • Continuous sounding on the go 100+ km/h
  • Scanning resolution along antenna strip 7.5 cm  for GRT-3X and 15cm for GRT-1X
  • Sizes of antenna array module for GRT-3X – 67.5x45x24 cm  and for GRT-1X – 130x60x30 cm
  • Weight from 5 kg (one antenna module)
  • Power feeding voltage 12 V
  • Power consumption up to 20 W
  • Protection rating IP54
  • Mean time between required services at least 5000 hours
  • Ambient temperature (operation) -15 to 40 °С;
  • Relative humidity (operation) up to 80%

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