The 7-th International specialized exhibition GeoTECH

We pleased to inform that our company will be at the 7-th International specialized exhibition GeoTECH

1. Integrated explorations for geological engineering

all types of engineering surveys in construction (engineering-geological, geodetic, hydrometeorological, ecological)
hydrogeological investigations while performing explorations
engineering-geological explorations in the sphere of permafrost growth
engineering researches on main pipes
explorations for field infrastructure development, including oil-and-gas fields
monitoring organization and carry, rational choice of protective measures
geological engineering for monuments of architecture, history and culture research
2. Advanced technologies and technical means for engineering investigations

instruments and equipment for field investigations
hardware and software tools for collection, storage and interpretation of data
equipment for shallow and engineering geophysical researches
3. Normalization and standardization of engineering researches
4. Engineering-geological researches and staff training

Engineering geology and geophysics
March 30th – April 2th, 2010
Moscow, Russia, EcoCentre Sokolniki

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