“The international conference is entitled “Mémoire du sol, Espace des hommes”; it aims to bring together specialists from different academic disciplines interested in the history of human settlement and its impact on the landscape and our environment.
Different scientific communities such as archaeologists, agronomists, geographers, geotechnicians, geophyisicists and geologists specialised in the eart’s surface share many interests but rarely have the opportunity to meet each other. This conference will make this possible: the thematic sessions have been planned with the aim of maximising the exchange of knowledge and experience between researchers from various disciplines. The conference intends to offer a global vision of the relationships between the environment and human settlement. Study of the environment is effectively inseparable from a study of an archaeological site: the study of water supply, contriol of natural ressources, soil evolution and landscape history allow us to restore the environmental but also the economic and social context of human occupation.
Oral communications and posters will therefore be treated in the following thematic sessions:
– Methods and innovation
– Sites and their landscapes
– Landscape evolution
– History and evolution of the urban subsoil.”

We have surprised to see Nemfis data on the cover of catalogue “Archeo Sciences” №33 2009.
Below you can read some our articles from this catalog.

EAGE, through their local office in Russia, invites you to take part in the 6th International Scientific & Practical Conference and Exhibition «ENGINEERING AND MINING GEOPHYSICS – 2010» that traditionally will be held in Gelendzhik from 26 till 30 of April, 2010.

“ENGINEERING AND MINING GEOPHYSICS-2010” (“ENGGEO-2010”), will be organised in the conference halls of SRC “Yuzhmorgeologiya”, bringing together highly qualified experts working in the fields of engineering geology and geophysics, hydrogeology, ore geology, ecology, archaeology, as well as those charged with monitoring the state of roads, railways, airports, and waterworks.


COURSE OF LECTURES on topical issues concerning engineering and ore geophysics
For the first time at the international conference and exhibition “ENGGEO 2010” will be available:

GEOPHYSICAL FIELD OBSERVATIONS OF REAL SITES with subsequent comparison and discussion of results of measurement methods of geo-radiolocation and electron tomography.

Our company will introduce new electro-tomograph Scala-48 and electromagnetic scanner Nemfis.

SELECTION by “ENGGEO-2010” conference committees of the two best oral presentations, which will represent Russia at the ХVI European conference and exhibition “Near Surface-2010” (Zurich, Switzerland, 6th – 8th September 2010)
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We pleased to inform that our company will be at the 7-th International specialized exhibition GeoTECH

1. Integrated explorations for geological engineering

all types of engineering surveys in construction (engineering-geological, geodetic, hydrometeorological, ecological)
hydrogeological investigations while performing explorations
engineering-geological explorations in the sphere of permafrost growth
engineering researches on main pipes
explorations for field infrastructure development, including oil-and-gas fields
monitoring organization and carry, rational choice of protective measures
geological engineering for monuments of architecture, history and culture research
2. Advanced technologies and technical means for engineering investigations

instruments and equipment for field investigations
hardware and software tools for collection, storage and interpretation of data
equipment for shallow and engineering geophysical researches
3. Normalization and standardization of engineering researches
4. Engineering-geological researches and staff training

Engineering geology and geophysics
March 30th – April 2th, 2010
Moscow, Russia, EcoCentre Sokolniki

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At the invitation of the innovation center I5 – our company takes part in the exhibition of innovation, ” Time to come.” Exhibition Programme provides for exposure of inventions that participated in the contest of innovative projects I5, the most successful of them were selected expert analytical advice. The exhibition and seminar will be held […]

Dear visitors, we are glad to see you on the forum of innovations “Seliger-2010”, which takes place in the Tver region, where the exhibition will be presented Innovations our products. The exhibition will visit leading politicians, businessmen and representatives of various broadcasters.

The conference and exhibition will be held in the conference rooms of SRC “Yuzhmorgeologia”, which will bring together highly qualified experts working in the field of geology and geophysics, hydrogeology, ore geology, ecology, archeology, as well as those charged with monitoring the state of roads, railways, airports, and waterworks. THE CONFERENCE HELD TRADITIONAL: >> CONFERENCE […]

From 30th March to 2nd April in Moscow will host the next exhibition GeoTECH , this classic technology and equipment for engineering geology and geophysics.

At this exhibition will be presented to the electromagnetic scanner Nemfis .

Technologies and equipment for engineering geophysics:
Shallow seismic,
The gravity – magnetic survey;
Comprehensive research in solving problems of engineering geology, hydrogeology, permafrost, ecology and archeology;
Equipment for geotechnical studies;

Surveys for prospecting and exploration of mineral resources;
Survey for capital construction;
Research studies on linear objects (roads, railways, pipelines)
Geophysical equipment for shallow engineering research;

Hardware and software for the collection, processing and interpretation of geophysical data.

The exhibition will be held at:
Moscow, CEC “Sokolniki” .

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   In Paris, from 9 to 12 September 2009 was the 8th International Conference on archaeological research, which brought together experts from around the world . The conference presented the innovative methods used for the problems of archeology, among which was an electromagnetic scanner “Nemfis.” As a result, our team received several suggestions about how to […]